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Comdata is a payment processor and issuer of fleet fuel cards, corporate spend cards, paperless payroll cards ("paycards"), virtual payments, and trucking permits.

Brad angrily mentioned, "I use Comdata for my fuel cards. I try to make the payments online and the websites does not work every month. Now because I can not make my august payment online where they said I can and there office is closed they are charging me $1600 late fee for owing $840. I highly suggest you do not use this company they have terrible customer service there payment site does not work and they will say sorry there's nothing we can do about your late fee we will offer you 3 cents off per gallon you spend fo the next 3 months knowing that that will only take off about $300 instead of eliminating the late fee for there mistake online."


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Comdata full-time Cons: You’ll find another job somewhere else."

Former Employee - Director of Strategic Sales says

"I worked at Comdata full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Very little support from management in achieving goals. Operations staff is horrendous, which makes it difficult to actually receive your commissions. False advertising on earning capabilities. Leadership doesn't have a plan to deal with competition. Marketing support is non existent. No innovation, answer is just to prospect more."

Current Employee - SSE-1 says

"I have been working at Comdata full-time for more than 8 years Cons: You will have a wide selection to choose from."

Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"I worked at Comdata full-time for more than a year Cons: mgt has no idea how to manage..good ole boy system from mgt down. Leads given to the guys they choose...others have to get themselves. If you are young..probably.. look else will be much better off."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Comdata full-time Cons: Work/Life Balance - Salary - Management - Expected Hours"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"I worked at Comdata full-time for more than a year Cons: Poor Management, strict attendance policy"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Comdata part-time for more than a year Cons: Will throw you under the bus if there’s a chance. They say they will take feedback to heart and you never hear anything - those employee surveys- don’t get read. And you have to be a brown noser to get anywhere. If you’re looking to work there, they will low ball you as much as they can and lie straight to your face. No communication between people- much less between teams."

Sales Management says

"I worked at Comdata Cons: Old outdated systems, horrible compensation plan (clawbacks), senior executives are comically clueless and out of touch. Tons of turnover! Customers are price gouged with hidden fees. Customer service dept doesn’t exist. Products are much more expensive than competitors and not any better, perhaps worse. Human Resources dept is non existent. They have a terrible reputation within the trucking industry."

Current Employee - Program Manager says

"I have been working at Comdata full-time for more than 3 years Cons: culture is horrible, known problems with management aren't addressed, training is non-existent"

Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"I worked at Comdata full-time for more than a year Cons: It’s as toxic of an environment as I’ve ever seen. The way leadership treats their reps is disgusting. I’ve heard many managers brag about how many people they have fired. There is no growth within this company. Leadership will also not accept any suggestion made by reps. It’s very much a “Our way or the Highway” type of scenario."

Teleconseiller (Former Employee) says

"Le travaille avant tout cet etre bien avec les personnes avec qui ont travaille Cons: Faire des effort et ne pas etre reconnu"

Strategic Sales Executive (Current Employee) says

"Comdata has been good to me and I like the people I work with. The compensation plan is the real problem. If you are planning on getting a commission think again. Your base will be your final resting spot financially. If you don't need a good salary then Comdata is not a bad place to work at all. Cons: Bonus is impossible to attain - LOW LOW COMPENSATION"

Chargée de clientèle (Former Employee) says

"Très grande entreprise avec des possibilités de changement de poste Cons: Changement de poste"

Sales Development Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Sales and marketing. Learn about products offered at the company to fit all needs of potential clients and figure out a strategy to speak with CEO and Financial officers of company. Cons: sales"

Junior Technician Level 1 (Former Employee) says

"Buen sitio para aprender cómo se gestiona un Noc , como es la gestión de incidencias en redes Wan. Es una compañía subcontratación de telefónica. La mayoría de compañeros muy majos. El salario mileurista para técnicos Junior. Cons: sueldo."

customer says

"I lost my debit card over a week ago and ordered a new one n the app said I should have received it by the 17th of September and it still hasn't come so I'm not happy with Chime banking at all right now!!!"

cc style says

"do not use chime they closed my account without notice and stated i will not be getting the money that was in my account which was 5k!!!!! yes they will steal your own money i have lawyers and will be suing chime and bankcorp"

Miranda Randle says

"This is the Absolute Worst Account I could have Opened in my Life. The day I received my card in the mail I went and downloaded the App and going through the motions to see if it works . I had my Husband to Send me $235 and I was to send it right back to him so he sent it through Chime Friends so I attempted to send it back to him using his Cell phone number so I put his number in and resent the money $235 not knowing that someone else named Jordan Gilliam was using my husbands cell phone number on his account. I immediately contacted chime to let them know of this error and this fraudulent account and they told me that they would investigate well after a couple of days I received an email saying that they were not gonna send my money back from this person who I did not know. And Just Imagine I only had the card an hour and this happened to me so please please please do not open an account with chime they do not I repeat they DO NOT care about there Customers."

Jack Byrd says

"A lot of hype make deposit in morning you are lucky to get it that day. And there so called spot me even though you always pay the little 20 dollars back they activate and deactivate at will leaving you hanging it's a joke trash"

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